Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing is no longer just a matter of great health and safety and key benefits for your top people. In all sectors and all organisations, regardless of size, we now recognise that happy, healthy and engaged people are an absolute must to achieving your business goals. When people flourish as individuals they create a culture of opportunity and creativity. Absence levels reduce, your business engages more of the people, more of time time and you become an employer of choice attracting and retaining the best talent.

Creating a culture of Health and Wellbeing takes time and effort and cannot be achieved through a few wellbeing initiatives, no matter how well intentioned. You already know the importance of a healthy happy workforce, and you need some expertise to approach culture change in a sustainable way – knitting wellbeing into your company ‘DNA’. Transform and Thrive use evidence based trusted methodology to engage and inspire your people, nudging them to make healthier lifestyle and management decisions, driving your organisation to perform at a higher level and your people to thrive.

Whether you are a member based organisation, a large charity, a global corporate business or an SME, Transform and Thrive can help you.

Benevolent organisations: I created and delivered a member focused health and wellbeing strategy from the ground up. Read more here

The purpose of this project was to engage the chartered accountant community and help them support their own wellbeing in an accessible relevant way. If you lead a benevolent organisation and  are looking for a evidence-based, pragmatic route to engaging more members then contact Transform and Thrive today for a no-obligation discussion.

SMEs:  I have worked with expert partners to design and deliver sustained employee wellbeing change. If you would like to find out how a strategic approach to employee wellbeing can make a tangible positive difference to your business contact Transform and Thrive today

Not-for-Profit: I have advised board level decision makers on best practice employee wellbeing and engagement strategies. In addition I have worked with benefit providers, occupational health and other specialists to achieve coherent, integrated health and wellbeing programmes offering genuine support to your people without breaking the budget. Contact Transform and Thrive here for further details