Testimonials and Case Studies

Workshop feedback

[the workshop]..”Allowed me to think of positive ways in addressing various life situations” (Mindfulness at work, 2017)

“Lucy was very engaging and gave good tips for working on resilience that can easily be incorporated into life” (Resilience workshop, Sept 2017)

“I think Lucy is excellent, really interesting..delivered from the heart. Every word is worth listening to” (Time & Energy Management workshop, 2017)

“Absolutely loved today, one of the best trainers I’ve come across” (Work-Life integration workshop, summer 2017)

“Thanks for your note and thank you once again for an excellent session yesterday afternoon.  All of the team seem to really engage with it and we have had some great feedback” (Strengths and Communication workshop, 2017)

“Lucy is an excellent trainer who can really capture a room”  (Personal Branding workshop, 2016)

“Very enjoyable course. Lucy is an excellent lecturer who makes the material very interesting” (Resilience Building, 2016)

“Really liked Lucy’s empathetic approach, really engaged me”

“Lucy was a great trainer, clear and empathetic”

“Very positive and constructive course. Came away with a realistic and manageable action plan”

(Resilience building workshop  September 2015)



“Lucy ran a breakfast workshop on resilience for our members in Edinburgh, her professional and relaxed style immediately put delegates at ease. Everyone was able to contribute to discussion, we all took some real tangible steps to help us back in the workplace and we got to eat chocolate!”

Fiona Ormiston, Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

“Lucy Whitehall is a wellbeing expert who possesses a broad and impressive knowledge of her subject. I have had the pleasure to work with Lucy on a number of occasions and have always been impressed by her professionalism, great interpersonal skills and organizational abilities. Lucy’s attention to detail and ability to manage several aspects of a project, whilst under pressure, ensures that events always run smoothly. It is always an absolute pleasure to work with Lucy”
Viv Thackray-Dutton, Business Psychologist, lecturer, trainer and coach

“Lucy gave an inspiring and memorable presentation. I look forward to the next one!”
John Powers, PWC

“Knowing Lucy’s work ethic along with her knowledge, expertise and ability to impress and influence all she meets, I grabbed the opportunity to work for a second time with Lucy. Lucy had an immediate impact on the business, raised the level of debate and the quality of discussion, both internally and externally. Absolutely committed to everything she does, combined with her strong intellect I would always want Lucy working alongside me being absolutely assured in her reliability and expertise to deliver results”
Clare Rafferty, Director, Wellbeing Associates Ltd

“Lucy and I have been business partners since 2010 and have continued to maintain a great working relationship. Lucy has a great passion for delivering employee wellbeing and employee engagement. Her knowledge of HR project management and maximizing business performance is excellent together with inspiring the people she works with. I have always found Lucy to be professional, approachable and an expert in her field”
Vikki Stanley, Capita

“Lucy is passionate about employee engagement and the value this can add to achieving business objectives. She has great project management and business partnership skills and is an excellent communicator. I would highly recommend Lucy to any future employer”
Steve Williams, Head of People & Change, Wandle

“During Lucy’s time at CABA she successfully led the development of CABA’s wellbeing proposition. With her extensive knowledge and passion she confidently led the executive team and trustees to agree a wellbeing model. Lucy is an excellent communicator and project manager. During the time she worked at Caba her staff clearly benefited from her coaching style of management. She is an excellent organiser, her passion for wellbeing shines through every aspect of her work”
Wendy Saunders, Head of Development, Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association

NAS logo
I enjoyed working with Lucy at the National Autistic Society, it was such a pleasure to work with someone who has such a high degree of professionalism and focus on doing things right. Quick to see the strategic effect of what she does, Lucy is also a great project manager with a real eye for the detail and delivery. It was a privilege to see Lucy develop the real passion she has for HR related projects and in particular her commitment to health and well being.
David Prince, FCIPD, HR Director

Lucy Whitehall is a true professional in her field, attentive to client needs and delivers excellent solutions that address the core requirements.  This was my experience when the challenge was to deliver a series of career development workshops across Cyprus, which we did with great results and fantastic feedback.

I particularly appreciated that Lucy is efficient and effective in her work, a real pleasure to work with, and above all, passionate about her area.  I would certainly recommend Lucy to organisations who aspire to have a motivated, driven and happy workforce.
Christiana Diola, Chartered Accountant, Cyprus



“Lucy has provided excellent service all the way through from start to finish. She has exceeded our expectations and her knowledge of resilience and mindfulness has been a great benefit to our employees. Lucy is a very creative person and her attention to detail was excellent. Our employees felt comfortable to open up and were able to have those meaningful in depth conversations. We would highly recommend Lucy and have already put her name forward to other areas of the business that we feel would benefit from this workshop.”

Jade Watts & Hannah Collins, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors


Morgan Law

“Lucy Whitehall is an expert is all aspects of wellbeing, and recently hosted a range of sector specific Employee Wellbeing & strategy workshops for Morgan Law clients within the charity and housing sectors. Her ability to relate to stakeholders at all levels sets her apart from others in her field, and the delivery of her knowledge in these sessions got only positive feedback. I would not hesitate to recommend Lucy- her passion and flair combined with excellent interpersonal skills make her a subject expert- and she is absolutely lovely to work with!”

Kayleigh Giles & Becky Davidson, Business Managers

Morgan Law (market leading private and public sector specialist recruitment consultancy)